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Zolo Marketing Group has helped many clients achieve success with their businesses through powerful SEO and Internet marketing strategies. With over 18 years experience, and a proven track record of success, we will assist you in creating a brand and position your business online. If you would like more information about our results please contact us.

I first met Zolo Marketing Group last January 2012, they helped me with my search engine marketing. The consultants are very personable, and we are getting great results. They always follow up with us once or twice a week to see how things are going. They are always trying to improve our marketing campaign & website to maximize our results. The very first month using their service we got 15 calls within 10 days so we were very excited about that. We never got those results from any other marketing company. Thanks

Dale Trach

NewLook Inspections

Zolo Marketing Group is a great marketing company, great motivator and they know what they are doing. They were one of the 1st people to train me in the Online Marketing Field and I still use their tactics today in my Businesses.

Bernardo Castillo Jr.

CEO, Wingers Restaurant

have been working with Zolo Marketing Group for a while now and there isn’t anyone that I respect and admire more. Zolo Marketing Group is one of the top Internet Marketers on the field. It is my pleasure to work and learn from them.

Mary DiMeglio

Owner, OakGrove inc.

Zolo Marketing Group has an honest no non-sense approach to business. Their services are top notch. Using their SEO and Internet Marketing strategies, we have been able to rank very high on the first page of Google. This has increased our business exposure considerably. I highly recommend them personally and professionally.

Austin Rose

CEO, Aerial Billboard Corp

Zolo Marketing Group is a highly notable Internet Marketer, they are also my mentor and adviser on internet marketing for my business.

Shelly Lee

All I can say about Zolo Marketing Group is one of the best marketing companies I’ve ever worked with. You owe it to yourself to connect with Zolo Marketing Group and let them share with you the secrets of Internet marketing.

Robert Phillips

Zolo Marketing Group — who does live presentations and training – are someone to watch and admire

Roger Martin


Zolo Marketing Group is a very energetic, enthusiastic company. They take the time to listen and learn about what you want from them. Getting the calls & leads I need. Great Job!

Daniel Rafaj

CEO, BC Steam Dry

I’m very much pleased and happy with Zolo Marketing Group’s prompt and reliable service. When they created our website, everybody was talking about it, and liked it. Very easy to use and access. Made my life very easy. You guys are real marketing professionals. Really satisfied with the service.

Gurpreet Sahota

CK News Group

Group is an extremely knowledgeable marketer who has proven itself to be an excellent strategist and outstanding trainer.

Dennis Johnson

CEO and Managing Partner, Johnson & Associates

Zolo Marketing Group are an incredible internet marketing company, teacher, and mentor. They work hard to stay ahead of the curve, and always seems eager to teach others what they have learned. I highly recommend them.

Trevor Weitzel


Zolo Marketing Group has shared with me some of their internet marketing skills. Valuable information is hard to come by and Zolo Marketing Group will always lend a hand.

Jennifer Martin

Owner/operator, Full Moon

Zolo Marketing Group is a very driven online marketer, who excels quickly in anything they sets their mind to. They have done great work as a business partner for me for the past few years and they are one of the most action oriented business partners I have. If you want to work with visionaries that acts upon what they see as being possible, then you want to work with Zolo Marketing Group.

Jeremy Leuchtag

Zolo Marketing Group are great Internet Marketers with great expertise.

Mike Igartua

Global Domains International